Most people have that part of the body they’re not really comfortable with. It may be tiny legs, fat or even a plumpy arm. These are a selection of best arm exercises for women with big and plumpy arms.

The good news is that by adding the right amount of exercise you can quickly start strengthening your arm muscles. One of my clients added a 5-minute arm workout and noticed a change after only three sessions. Within a week she was already feeling more confident while wearing sleeveless tops and dresses.


If stretching and relaxing your hands are on your list of summer goals, try adding these exercises to your fitness plan three times a week. I recommend performing them with 3-5 pound dumbbells. Remember that some exercises may be easier than others, so it is good to have weight changes depending on what is right for your body.

My favorite way to do these exercises is to do one set of each of the 10 repetitions and then repeat the whole circle three times. Eventually, you will complete 30 repetitions of each exercise.



Best Arm Exercises for Women

1. Bicep Curls

Best Arm Exercises for Women
a woman doin bicep curls


The bicep curl is a quintessential arm exercise. This tones and strengthens the front of the arms, which many people associate with the ability to “bend the muscle”.

To perform this exercise, grab the dumbbells and start with your hands on the side. Bend your elbows from the side of your body and then bring the weight to your shoulders. Be careful not to swing your arm. (If you need to stretch your arms and use force to lift weights, that means you are probably using a very heavy weight.) Repeat this 10 times and complete 3 sets in total throughout the workout.

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2. Tricep Kickbacks

Best Arm Exercises for Women
a woman doing kickback exercise

The triceps is what people mean when they say that the arms are flabby. This is the part of the arm that shake during a wave.  Tightening this area and lowering the “jig” requires strengthening the backs of the arms.

Dumbbell’s most basic workout is to hit the triceps. Holding weights in both hands, lean forward with a flat back. Bend your elbows to the sides and lift them up to the ceiling. With your elbows still, move the gravity to the back of the back room with the lower half of your arm back and up towards the ceiling. Hold for a second, feel the back of the arm tighten, and then release to the starting position. Repeat this 10 times and complete a total of 3 sets throughout the workout.



3. Hugs on a tree

This exercise works the biceps from a different angle, at the same time working the sides of the chest (and these sinful areas on the shoulders) and working the shoulders. Hold the weight at shoulder height, parallel to the floor. Relax your shoulders down, then wrap your arms around the front of your body as if you were hugging a tree.

Keep your elbows at your shoulders – do not lower yourself – and keep in mind that your shoulders have started to rise towards your ears, which means that you are too heavy or too tired. Repeat this 10 times and complete a total of 3 sets throughout the workout.



4. Enjoy the Platter

This step is a triple in one, working on the biceps, shoulders and chest. Start with your hands on the side, bend your elbows at 90 degrees. Reach the arms forward, straighten them as if you were serving a plate, then reach the sides in a “T” position, back to the center, and then back to you. Keep your palms above. Repeat this 10 times and complete a total of 3 sets throughout the workout.

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5. V Exercises

The anterior shoulder toner is a V exercise. Hold dumbbells for this exercise for a year. Then reach the weights at the front and top angles, draw a V and then release them towards the thigh. Keep your arms straight during the workout. Repeat this 10 times and complete a total of 3 sets throughout the workout.

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