If you want to get a bigger chest but you are not sure of the best workouts, this guide will give you the best chest workouts for massive muscle gains most helpful exercises that will be useful for you not only on the road.

Believe it or not, changing your workout routine is one of the most common mistakes many beginners and advanced bodybuilders make in anticipation of better results in building their chest. If you want to be on the right track with great achievements, this information is for you.


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The Best Chest Workouts for massive muscle gains that will help you gain more chest muscle

  1. Dumbbell or barbell Press (20 Reps):

You must start with the press position. there are different press workouts that can help you gain more chest muscles faster. the below short videos will illustrate ways to do a dumbbell press or use a barbell.

a. 5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains

b. 5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains


c. 5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains


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2. Push-ups (10 reps):

For this chest exercise, you should start by pressing and then reach the floor. Now, press the floor at a fast pace. The last step involves hitting the breast slowly and quickly until the hands return to their original position.

Push-up is an essential form of workout for every fitness enthusiast especially if you need a massive upper body (shoulder, chest, and arms). Doing push-ups is a must for everyone trying to get a perfect shape and tone their body. This single workout can boost up your entire body, provided you do it the right way. But it is actually challenging to do push-ups, especially if you are a beginner. Most people love push ups while others hate this kind of exercise, but the feeling of mastering it is amazing. If you are struggling to get into the league of doing a perfect push-up then here are some basic rules you must follow:

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How to do proper Push-up for the best result

a. Focus on quality
It does not matter how many push-ups you do at a time, it is all about whether you are doing it the right way. Quality is more important than quantity. Performing a push-up incorrectly can put you at the risk of getting injured and it will not help you anyway. Pay attention to your posture while performing this form of workout.

b. Do not bring your hips high
Do not bring your hips high while performing a push-up. Doing this will disengage the core muscle. Keep your back flat in a straight line and engage your abs while performing the exercise. Moving your hips up will add a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

c. Start for the bottom
Always start your push-up from the ground. Keep your spine straight and engage your core to boost endurance while performing this exercise.

d. Your arms should be more than shoulder-width apart
It is better to stick to a simple form of push-up if you have just started doing it. Place your hand more than shoulder-width apart on the ground. Your thumbs and armpits should be in line with your elbows at a 45-degree angle from the sides when you are down.

e. Don’t drop your head
Your head should be aligned with your body. This will prevent you from any kind of injury. Keep your chin from hitting the floor at the bottom.

f. perform full-reps
Make sure to come to the ground completely. Your chest should be brushing the floor every time you go down.

g. Go up until your arms are straight
Go up until your arms are straight. Make sure your elbows are not bent when you go up.

h. Do not rush to try variations
If you are a beginner then do not hasten to try a variation. First, master the basics and then go for variations.

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Example of push-ups for Massive Muscle Gains

a. 5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains


b. 5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains


c. 5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains


d. 5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains



3. Dumbbell Neck Press:

5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains

To perform a dumbbell neck press you need to lie on a flat chair while holding a dumbbell at shoulder height in each hand. To do this, keep your feet on the floor and your back against the chair. Now, press the weight upwards without locking your elbows from the top, and then lower the weight slowly to the top of the chest while releasing the elbows to the side.



4. Guillotine Press:

5 Best Chest Workouts for Massive Muscle Gains

credit: google

This is similar to a standard chair press, except that you slowly and carefully pull the strip towards your Adam’s apple and not in the middle of the chest. This is useful when moving a wide range of chest muscle movements, and you will get improved stretching at the end of each repetition.

It is very important for you to appreciate your efforts during chest training (this does not mean that you have to compete for the achieved results, but it does mean that you should always consider it to reward yourself with “applause” for your loyalty). Secondly, it is suggested that you stretch your abdomen for extra energy while doing chest press exercises. Moreover, a chest building effort will get a super kick if you perform 10-second sets of planks between chest press exercises as they protect the chest and core during the exercises.


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In addition to these bodybuilding and chest exercise tips, it is important for you to complete a loaded or fascial stretch. This requires the use of a lightweight and a slow lowering of the lower body, which promotes the growth potential of the chest. In addition, it is recommended that you remove the chest fibers by pressing the barbell when it is pulled away. This will activate the chest muscles before you even start repetitions.

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