How excessive exercise can ruin your health

How exessive excercise can ruin your health

Many people engage in cardiovascular and several other activities primarily to lose weight, not knowing that doing excessive exercise can cause the body to react negatively. I remember the proverb that says – too many things are bad. And exercise here is no exception.

Training is a big thing and it seems that training should bring even more benefits. In the truest sense of the word, it really does bring extra benefits before they are taken a little further. At this point, your body may begin to react differently.

This is true, except that it is recognized that training is more of a “healthy stress”. However, your adrenal glands cannot distinguish them.


Unbelievable ways excessive exercise can destroy your health

  1. Stress and cortisol

How exessive excercise can ruin your health
How excessive exercise can ruin your health

Excessive physical exercise causes a hormone, cortisol. This hormone tells your body to shut down fat stores. The body releases cortisol whenever it is under any kind of tension.

Stress can be from school, work, unhealthy eating, too little sleep, family problems and many other things. They can easily put stress on your body and cause it to secrete cortisol. It is unfortunate that the body also views physical fitness as a stressor.


If you push the body for a long time, this can lead to high levels of cortisol, adrenal fatigue and even an increased desire for food.

Stress, regardless of its source, has a way of affecting neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters, including dopamine, GABA, and serotonin, are brain chemicals. Stress and excessive extreme exercise reduce the number of these types of neurotransmitters. This usually leads to fatigue, sleep disturbances as well as depressive disorders.

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Constantly high cortisol can have a detrimental effect on fat loss. This may also increase your associated risk of various health problems.



2. Female athlete triad

Excessive physical exercise for women can equally lead to the “female athlete triad.” These are her condition, the probable cessation of her menstruation, eating problems, and the loss of fragile bones or bone minerals. A mixture of exercise and calorie restriction usually causes these types of symptoms.



3. Decreased immune efficiency

Moderate physical exercise helps boost your body’s immune system, while excessive physical exercise suppresses it. Excessive exercise increases the impact of infections on the body. Similarly, there is an increased severity of minor infections as well as a decrease in the production of immunoglobulins.


4. Testosterone reduction

Also, the reality is that cortisol and testosterone collide with each other. Testosterone is important for the development and maintenance of skeletal muscle, bone and red blood cells. They are equally helpful in weight loss as they are very active in metabolism.

Depth of exercise (which is more than 50% of maximum oxygen) over a long period of time causes the sympathetic nervous system to produce excess cortisol. On the flip side, this stops the release of testosterone.

Decreased testosterone for men can easily lead to decreased libido. However, it can be a combined result of both body fatigue and reduced testosterone levels.



If you have worked too hard, the first course of action is for you to truly acknowledge and acknowledge this reality. You have to admit to yourself that you are really fighting this problem.

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Another idea that can help you reduce your training will be to stick to your training schedule. This schedule should vary the workload and should equally include mandatory rest periods.

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to seek medical help to treat both psychological and physical symptoms.

On the other hand, this does not mean that you should refuse to perform the exercises, but rather that you should get the money right.

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