The Moment Female Nurses Had Control Over A Male Body

The Moment Female Nurses Had Control Over A Male Body

A Nursing profession or training is one of the most respected sector in Ghana so far as institutional training is concerned. As you may all know, this training is only rendered to those who read general science and in some cases, Home Economics. Taking the human life into consideration, health is one of the most important aspect of life. When you have a good health, you do things the way you should or the way other people want you to.

These Nurses in the picture above took hold of a male body doing one of their projects. Imagine how it feels to have a lady operating on a male, this is really technical demanding.

So in the meantime, in the minds of many people, these Nurses are having fun around with the project. I personally was shock to some extent when I saw it but what came to mind was that, ‘after all it is their responsibility and so, there is nothing wrong about that.’

Doing gender’ has become a useful and widespread concept in feminist theory and gender research. It suggests active performance and subjectivity – bringing our attention to the ways in which gender relations are (constantly) created, maintained and contested in interaction and daily life. It lets us understand that gender and gender relations are not a static pre-given but are moulded in ongoing actions where at least two partners need to be present.

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